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Red Rose Premium Incense

Red Rose Premium Incense

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The erotic and sensual aroma of Rose is encapsulated in the fragrance of these sticks and facilitates the feminine and caring side of our nature.

When you burn these exquisite incense sticks, a sense of gentleness and peace fills the air, bringing joy and contentment into your life. Great to use for bath time, yoga and meditation, or simply enjoying your favourite warm tea to create a blissfully relaxing experience. Red rose has a beautiful combination of citrusy notes, green, fruity (peach, plum, wine), spicy (clove), amber and sweet facets all in one single scent! 

Light up one of these incense sticks and allow yourself to get embraced by a luxurious fragrance that encourages feelings of love, compassion and devotion. Place the lit incense sticks into an ash catcher and allow the scented smoke to perfume the room.

Supplied in tubes of 20 sticks.

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